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B-TEK Balances and Scales is a manufacturer of weighing equipment and solutions with a background of many years in the field. The company has the reputation of providing its customer with top quality equipment, custom solutions, and excellent service. Its technological and corporate roots go to several decades. This background have given the company a strong engineering know-how. At the same time, this background allows the implementation of continuous improvement in its manufacturing procedures.

That long term knowledge of the Weighing Technology also leads the company to the constant innovation in the field.

B-TEK Balances and Scales can offer a wide variety of weighing technology and solutions; among these solutions we can find its extensive line of Truck Scales and Floor Scales.

The company’s products have a solid presence over many technical and industrial activities like Agriculture, Steel, Coal, and many others.

The range of materials and configurations is quite ample, and there’s always a solution in stock adjusting to any requirement and under specific budgets. B-TEK Balances and Scales has also the virtue of manufacturing full electronic digital, analog and electro-mechanical motor truck scales, all with high levels of accuracy and performance and under great standards of manufacturing and quality control.

Among the products we have in stock here in globind.com from B-TEK Balances and Scales we can briefly describe the next one:

B-TEK Balances and Scales B-TEK-4-Square Floor Scale (5000 Lb, 2500 Kg)

This is a high quality and high resistance platform intended for the use in warehouse facilities, for industrial light applications, and in commercial activities.

The construction material is Mild Steel tread sheet. The product features NTEP certificate. The epoxy paint finish makes the product suitable for harsh environment where corrosion may be present. The scale implementation can be indoors or outdoors due to its sealed junction box and IP67 rated load cells.

The standard 48″ x 48″ platform is the most common size produced for industry. It has a nominal height of 3 ½ inches and leveling feet to adjust it. It has the advantage and versatility of perform in a pit configuration and in above ground applications.

Some of the other highlight features of this product are:

  • Top easy access to junction box.
  • Include indicator SE 7000: LED display.
  • RS232 Output for PC or printer.
  • Structural Channel Sub-Structure
  • 150 % end load Capacity

As you can see this is a high quality product with a big list of interesting and practical features that put it in the top places of the market, and also at a very affordable price.

As all the B-TEK Balances and Scales products, the B-TEK-4-Square Floor Scale exhibits great constructions values and is the result of rigorous and strict quality control procedures. All the aspects involved in the making of this product have been carefully thought. All the best material has been utilized, from the high quality load cells to the epoxy coating. The combination of all these high standards just mentioned makes possible the excellent result achieved.

Contact us for additional technical information and guidance about the implementation of this product or any other particular product.

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